Investment gold: what is it?

– Gold bars, wafers, and plates with a purity of at least 995/1000 which are recognised on the international markets for precious metals, provided the weight of such a bar, wafer, or plate is at least one gram.

– Gold coins with a purity of at least 900/1000 and minted after the year 1800, which are or have been used as legal tender in their country of origin and are normally sold at a price which does not exceed the market value of the gold contained in a coin by more than 80%.

For more information, please see the ‘Republic of Lithuania Law on Value Added Tax’.

Prices for gold bars

The price of gold bars is made up of two components: the gold spot market price and a production mark-up. Fluctuations in their final price are caused by changes in raw materials markets. Investment gold bars are exempted from VAT charges.

IMPORTANT: if you buy gold bars of 20g or more in a physical shop and pay with a bank card, a bank service fee of 0.75% is added.


Selling gold bars

The Lithuanian Mint produces gold bars at various sizes. They are all available for purchase in our e-shop or in our physical sales outlet in Vilnius. Gold bars which are purchased in the e-shop may be shipped to any Lithuanian city or town. All shipments are fully insured.


Buy-backs of gold bars

The Lithuanian Mint buys back gold bars of its own production at the current market price for gold materials.


Storing gold bars

The Lithuanian Mint offers its customers a storage service in its vaults.

This service is free of charge for customers. Customers can collect their property at any time during the mint’s opening hours.


Packaging gold bars

Each bar is provided in a sealed protective case. It is not possible to remove the bar without damaging the casing. The case and the gold bar bear the same identification number. Each case comes with a security QR code which can be scanned with the CertiEye app to determine whether or not the case is genuine.

Frequently asked questions