Want to reward a sports competition winner, honour a loyal employee, or promote your company or a planned event? We recommend original medals made of precious and base metals, which we implement to create authentic products.


Representative medals

According to individual orders of companies or individuals, we design and produce medals and representative gifts for employees and business partners. These are not only exclusive, but also long-lasting gifts that will be recognized by employees and appreciated by partners and customers.


Branded badges

With the right badge, companies and organizations maintain their corporate identity. We produce high-quality snap-on metal badges, which are minted according to individual customer requirements.


Clothing and textile accessories

Jewellery elements or details, accessories, branded labels, cufflinks and jewellery for the fashion industry – these are our metal products, which we also emboss and engrave according to individual customer requests.



Want to add more style and solidity to your message or acknowledgement? High-quality plaques, which we will make painstakingly for you, will help you achieve this.

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