Concept and design

Our team of artists consults and helps to implement the customer’s ideas from the earliest stage to their realisation. Conceptual graphic images and 3D digital designs are submitted for customer approval prior to the start of production of each work.



To ensure the production of the highest quality products, we manufacture all the tools needed for minting ourselves. Our accumulated experience and exceptional production base allows us to quickly and efficiently prepare the necessary components for minting.



The minting process is very meticulous and precise, requiring strict rules for minting dies, tips and pressure tolerance. All this is designed to ensure the highest quality product.


Partial gilding

Partial gilding is a method of coating in which individual parts of a coin or its accents are covered. It is a relatively complex, meticulous, time-consuming and knowledge-intensive process that results in a substantial high-quality product.


High embossment

High-embossed coins are a masterpiece in the field of coins. Few companies around the world are able to use this manufacturing technology. We control the technological production processes, so we can offer you this production method and create products of exclusive design.


Pad printing and UV staining

Modern coins are unimaginable without painted surfaces. Our specialists select and offer the painting solutions that best meet your expectations


Stone/crystal inclusions

Combining metal and stones is one of the most interesting ways to design coins or medals. There is a wide range of possibilities here, so we consult and employ specialists in the relevant fields.



Our service also includes getting all necessary licenses for the minting of offical currency coins. We handle all issues related to coin denominations



We can pack products in your own packaging or design them according to individual specifications.
We design, order the necessary materials, organise production and take care of logistics, which is convenient and saves time, because everything takes place under one roof. We can offer standard options that meet your needs, or provide exclusive and customised solutions just for you.


Quality control

Throughout the production process, our quality inspectors inspect your coins for defects and verify whether they meet our strict standards. All coins that do not pass control are returned to production for repair or conversion. We only pass on to customers coins that have been tested and meet the indicated specifications.

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