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Will you recognize this African creature by its eyes? Meet the mysterious Evarcha culicivora

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The Lithuanian Mint reveals the latest piece from the ‘Wild Africa’ series and invites numismatists & fans of exceptional coins to continue their acquaintance with the most mysterious African animals. It is time to present the ‘Jumping Spider’ coin that shows the greatest number of eyes in this series! This fascinating and mysterious creature from East Africa wants to look you straight in the eye and introduce itself.

A jumper that craves human blood

It may sound scary but one of my biggest weaknesses is the taste for human blood. Wait, don’t be scared!.. Let me reassure you – although I like human blood, I pose no danger for people, and I don’t even have fangs for biting. Mosquitoes that have eaten their fill are the greatest delicacy for me! And we all know what they eat… I’ve heard plenty of things about myself, even that I’m the most bizarre animal in the world because I hunt my prey based on the smell of what it had for breakfast. I’m the only one like that on Earth!

I live in East Africa and I love spending time by Lake Victoria, which brings people from all over the world together. Although I am pretty small (approx. 5 mm), I am veeery athletic. I think I could take part in a long jump competition! That is basically why I am called a jumper, and I really like this nickname. Perhaps you have already guessed who I am and what my name is?

A spider without a web

I am Evarcha culicivora from the family of jumping spiders. The others usually hunt by using their ability to weave a web, that’s why many of them do not worry about their poor eyesight. I am different – I have excellent eyesight which comes very handy for hunting. What’s more, I am the only spider that does not weave webs. I do not bother with weaving – after all, as soon as I spot a victim, I can jump right on top of it and grab it. I do it very quickly and precisely!

I like to dress up and I believe I have a sophisticated taste. My colourful appearance draws attention, and my elegant legs don’t go unnoticed either. However, it is my sparkling eyes that captivate people the most. The ones through which I am now looking at you from this fine collectible coin. Well, do you recognise me now?

A design that signifies the distinctive looks

The ‘Jumping Spider’ coin from the ‘Wild Africa’ series boasts the greatest number of eyes. The design emphasises the uniqueness and the amazing appearance of this peculiar spider. The collectible coin is made from aged silver, and digital printing technology is used during the minting process. This exceptional coin makes a perfect gift for nature enthusiasts as well as those who like to solve the secrets of the surrounding world.

We invite you to order the new coin of the Lithuanian Mint ‘The jumping spider HERE.

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