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Love Coin- a bridge between each of us

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What is love? It would probably be impossible to count the answers to this question. But everyone would surely agree that love is a language that everyone recognizes and understands. The Lithuanian Mint presents the symbol of this language – the Love Coin.


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The coin idea

The Love Coin is dedicated to the love of the whole world, to nature, to humanity… To all of us. It is a symbol that unites people from different cultures and nations, that upholds traditions and shares the warmth of each one of us. The idea of the coin was born out of the current issues of the day – tensions in the world, political conflicts, debates about equal opportunities for people of all races, nations, genders, religions, and others. This is also reflected in the coin’s visual design. It features people in the middle and a heart in the very centre. After all, we all feel and recognise love. So we designed the coin with a wish for tolerance and respect – in politics, in international relations and in our personal space.

Unique design

The Lithuanian Mint’s professionals have skillfully implemented the coin’s design idea. Both sides of the coin feature a unique symbolism – the heart-shaped Swarovski crystal is like the centre of all the love in the world. On one side, it is surrounded by symbols of Baltic culture, which come from the lives of our ancestors and still remind us of the eternal values of home security, family, nature, tolerance, respect, life, happiness and love. On the other side is a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The two sides of the coin are connected by the tree of life, linking past, present and future. Its branches symbolise unity, order and stability. Among the symbols depicted in the Love Coin, the grass snake can be seen. It is the deity of the home, the hearth, the dead ancestors, wealth, fertility and health. The apple is a symbol of fertility, abundance, ecstasy and love. The bird in our ancestral culture was associated with perpetual motion and symbolised the connection between heaven and earth. Some specific birds were considered to be signs of fertility and fruitfulness. The coin is also decorated with a rose, the universal symbol of love. It reflects sensuality, sensuality, spirituality, purity and romance. In ancient Greece, the rose was the sacred flower of the goddess Aphrodite and, for the Romans, Venus. It symbolised beauty and love.

Handmade packaging

In order to further reinforce the idea of the coin and to find an authentic solution for the packaging, linen was chosen. This fabric is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. After all, we already use a lot of plastic bags today, so this coin packaging is a great way to remember something we’ve forgotten for some time – linen, which was a staple in the households of our elders. This linen bag is like a link between our ancestral cultures and the modern vision of love for nature. In addition, the handmade packaging is made of natural linen and was produced in the Social Workshop at the Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre in Lithuania, which is a place for people with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities. By purchasing this product here, we wanted to contribute to the promotion of these people’s activities, integration into society and employment. By purchasing a Love Coin, customers also contribute to this initiative of the Lithuanian Mint. Thank you for your partnership.


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