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The Forest Spirit – a guardian of nature’s treasures

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Rapid urbanisation is leading to severe and unstoppable changes in the environment. One of them is deforestation. Deforestation also destroys many other natural resources. The Lithuanian Mint presents a new coin – Spirit of the Forest– which can serve as a great reminder of the need to conserve and protect nature’s treasures. The coin depicts a common character in folklore – the forest spirit, also known as a “woodsman”.

The idea is sourced from the painful issues of our times

Today’s world is facing a very serious problem: massive deforestation. This has a negative impact on climate change, biodiversity loss, soil changes and other important natural phenomena. According to folk wisdom, the forest has a guardian – the forest spirit – who protects the forest from the evil activities of humans.

The forest spirit is a creature often imagined as an enemy of man, often known as Miškinis. However, the main purpose of the forest patron is to protect the forest from the evil intentions of man, to prevent the destruction of its plants, mushrooms and trees. If people visit the forest with a benevolent intention, the forest spirit will reciprocate by helping them to find mushrooms or berries, and preventing them from getting lost or freezing.

Nevertheless, today, the power of the forest spirit alone is not enough to protect our nature. Each of us has a role to play in creating new life by planting a tree or shrub to restore the natural balance of nature. This is what the new coin of the Lithuanian Mint, The Forest spirit, wants to embody.

Image of a mysterious character

The professional craftsmen of the Lithuanian Mint have fulfilled all the coin’s design intentions.

The middle of the reverse depicts the forest spirit lurking in the cave, in other words, in its home – in the depths of the forest.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.



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