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  • 2023-04-03

    The creations of the Lithuanian Mint are authentic and valuable gifts

    It is safe to say that everyone, at some point in time, has encountered a peculiar headache regarding a gift for a loved one, a business partner or a colleague. After all, one wants to avoid boring, useless gifts that will be forgotten or even regifted to someone else. We suggest you surprise the lucky person with something that not only doesn’t lose its value, but – on the contrary – gains value as the time passes, and will be cherished for years to come. Collectible coins, commemorative medals and investment products are perfect gifts to be given on special occasions or joyous events.

    Collectible coins are not only for numismatists

    Although primarily associated with the world of numismatics, collectible coins are becoming increasingly popular as a value-for-money gift option. Such coins are perfect for commemorating important events such as weddings, anniversaries or graduations – for example, the ‘Love Coin’, which is a favourite among our customers, witnesses the love of plenty of married couples. It is a lasting and meaningful gift that people look back on and remember the warm moments of life’s greatest celebration. This collectible silver coin with a red Swarovski crystal heart is also the perfect way to show attention to the most important person in your life – your mother – on the occasion of the upcoming Mother’s Day. Customers who have already bought or received the ‘Love Coin’ as a gift say it is a lovely keepsake, which they definitely want to keep in a prominent place and show to guests when they visit.

    The Lithuanian Mint’s range also includes collectible coins which feature famous people, well-known book and movie characters as well as historical events from around the world. Such an authentic piece can be a significant gift for someone who is passionate about something. Perhaps your friend, colleague or business partner is fascinated by steampunk or fantastic creatures? Give them a collectible coin from the ‘World of Cryptids’ series – this set of 12 coins by Lithuanian graphic designer and illustrator, Ms Laimutė Varkalaitė, is enchanting with its mysteriousness, which, by the way, can also be recognised in her other series, ‘Pastel Circus’. Remember: all collectible coins have a strictly limited mintage, so it is likely that the coins will be sold out and their value on the secondary market will never go down – in fact, it is likely to go up (read more about this in our article HERE).

    1 dollar collectible silver ‘Love coin’ 5 dollars collectible silver coin ‘Lady Flame’ 2 dollars collectible silver coin ‘Mosaic’
    ‘Love coin’ ‘Lady Flame’ ‘Mosaic’

    Medals and jewellery for special occasions

    Various medals minted at the Lithuanian Mint are usually given for achievements in academia or sports, to congratulate a person on a promotion, a new position or, for example, completed military service. The latter occasion is truly unique and worthy of special attention, so a commemorative medal is a great way to congratulate and honour a close person who has done their duty for the country. 

    Our range also includes medals to celebrate cosy family events, such as jubilees, baptisms or anniversaries. If you are looking for a more subtle, traditional gift option, you may also choose authentic jewellery for women, men and children. Each piece contains precise craftsmanship and a unique message, a wish, a reflection, so each ring, pendant or locket will not only be a beautiful, but also a sentimental gift, creating cosy memories.

    70th birthday medal Child medal Medal with a Zodiac Sign
    70th birthday medal Child medal Medal with a Zodiac Sign

    Investment ingots with long-term economic value

    Investment ingots (also called bars) are far from being casual, but they are original and truly valuable as gifts which are suitable on many occasions: weddings, personal or corporate birthdays, baptisms or even housewarmings. However, why choose investment bars and not, for example, regular money or even cryptocurrencies?

    There are several reasons why investment products are worth choosing, the main one being their long-term stable economic value. Unlike other types of investments, which can be volatile and subject to market fluctuations, an ingot is a tangible asset and its value has – from a historical point of view – been stable in the long term.

    Likewise, a gift of an investment bar is a great first step into the world of investing. For a person who wants to start investing in their future, an ingot is a really useful and valuable gift that will give a deeper understanding of the whole process. Read more about this way of investing HERE.

    All Lithuanian Mint coins are produced using materials of exceptional quality, with special attention to every detail and modern technologies. The precious metal products you will find in our assortment are aesthetic, unique and meaningful gifts suitable for various occasions. Take a look around our eshop and choose a gift for your loved one now!