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Return to your childhood adventures with the ‘Monkey Girl’ collectible coin

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The Lithuanian Mint continues its ‘Fairy Tales’ series and presents its latest creation – the ‘Monkey Girl’ collectible coin. This coin, which is the fifth coin in the series, invites you to remember that childhood is a time of joy and discoveries. This is portrayed by a colourful and joyful girl accompanied by a funny monkey.

Childhood friends

Probably we all had a close childhood friend, right? The characters of this new coin – a cheerful red-haired girl and her best friend, a playful monkey – invite us to immerse ourselves in the joy of daily discoveries, which we tend to forget when we grow up.

The girl and her buddy like to go on fun childish trips where they learn new things and gain invaluable experience every day. Therefore, this coin that can be a symbol of childhood is a great gift for a child’s birthday, baptism or the start of a new school year.


The girl wears long socks in different colours and patterns. It is not a mere symbol of childishness and carelessness – the ability to recognize colours and identify their names is considered an important stage in the child’s cognitive process and a part of the child’s development. What’s more, socks of various colours are now symbolicand carry a particular meaning. For example, different socks are worn on World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st). That is why this coin is also a great gift for someone who is brave, strong in character and loves to break down stereotypes.

Special focus on design

The girl and the monkey were chosen as the main characters when creating the reverse of the coin. They both reveal not only the idea of the coin, but also the emotion that the authors wanted to convey. The personality and colours of the girl and the monkey show that childhood is a time of joy and discovery, so it should be enjoyed. The obverse of the product depicts a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by a motif from the reverse side – a long patterned sock.

The coin was made using digital printing and high relief technologies. It is sold in a playful box which is ready to be gifted.

We invite you to order the new coin of the Lithuanian Mint ‘Monkey Girl HERE.

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