5 euro coin ‘Fairy Tale Coin III. The Old Man’s Mitten’

SKU code: 06200013

Silver Ag925



This is the third collector coin in the series “Fairy Tale Coins”, which is dedicated to Latvian fairy tales, so much loved and cherished.

A patterned mitten, with the lower body parts of a bear and a wolf protruding from it, is placed in the centre of the obverse. On the left, a fly and a hare are featured, while the image of a mouse is shown on the right side. The inscription VECĪŠA CIMDIŅŠ is semi-circled to the right from the mitten.

The reverse shows animals – a bear, a wolf, a mouse and a hare – holding their paws and happily dancing, while a fly is fluttering in between them. The bottom part features the inscriptions 5 EURO and the year 2017.

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