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  • 2023-01-30

    New original series – the ‘World of Cryptids’ – is here!


    Welcome to the ‘World of Cryptids’ – a world you’ve never seen before, full of stories, legends and mystery…

    A clever array of enigmatic clues, a stunning series of collectible silver coins & a uniquely illustrated world map make the ‘World of Cryptids’ a truly spectacular experience. Set to release monthly throughout 2023, twelve impressive collectible coins will teach you about cryptids – the mythological creatures from various cultures you’ve probably never dreamt of.

    What exactly is a cryptid?

    Cryptids, or mythological beings, are mysterious creatures that have been reported in various parts of the world but have yet to be proven to exist. They are often described as being similar to animals that are known to exist, but with some unusual characteristics. Cryptids have been reported in many different countries all around the globe.

    Cryptozoologists, or those who study cryptids, believe that these creatures may be real, but have yet to be discovered. They point to the fact that many of these creatures have been reported for centuries, and that some of them have been seen by multiple witnesses. Cryptozoologists also point to the fact that some of these creatures have been found in areas where they would not normally be found, such as the Himalayas or the depths of the ocean.

    What is so special about the ‘World of Cryptids’?

    Ms Laimutė Varkalaitė, the illustrator of the project, researched and visualized the cryptids of each country of the world to show their variety and uniqueness. The Lithuanian Mint picked and transferred the twelve of most beautiful characteristic graphic illustrations onto limited edition collectible silver coins. Thanks to intricate designs and mesmerizing detailing, each piece of the ‘World of Cryptids’ shines with its own captivating charm – but that’s not all!

    Aside from extraordinary illustrations and enchanting stories, the ‘World of Cryptids’ comes with a custom-made collection book that serves both as a place to display the coins and as a magnificent world map that is full of interesting clues. Learn what each cryptid has to say, unlock their secrets and find out where the creatures on the coins came from by placing them in their rightful spots.

    Get ready to unravel the secrets of the ‘World of Cryptids’ now!

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