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Collectible coin designer Miroslav Hric: ‘I see my work as my contribution to the present and legacy for the future world of numismatics’

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The Lithuanian Mint constantly surprises the enthusiasts of numismatics with new collectible pieces of fabulous beauty. More than 20 silver coins are issued per year – that would be impossible without the valuable contribution from the artists: the ideas, the designs and carefully selected technological elements. The Lithuanian Mint regularly collaborates with artists from all over the world, and today we would like to introduce you to one of them – Mr Miroslav Hric, an artist from Slovakia who has designed a number of collectible coins.

A trade that runs in the family

Mr Hric, a designer with many years of experience, says that he inherited his penchant for creativity from his family. ‘Three generations of our family have been involved in the world of coin design. My grandfather worked as an engraver in a mint, and my father became interested in free art medal design. As a child, of course, I felt the artistic atmosphere, and I started to take a more active interest in this field when I was in high art school. Later I went on to study sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava,’ says the author of the coins.

Despite long years of studies, he admits that the process of creating the relief of a coin is still difficult, yet he admires the challenge. ‘I also enjoy the opportunity to show my work to a wide range of coin enthusiasts. I see my work as my contribution to the present and legacy for the future world of numismatics,’ he adds. Mr Hric is also keen to share his experience with others: he is a member of the Slovak Medallists’ Association as well as FIDEM (French for Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d’Art, International Art Medal Federation), where he meets colleagues from all over the world.

Miroslav says he can also see his work through the eyes of a collector. ‘My studio is full of minted coins and medals. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing this work for a long time, so the number of numismatic items grows every year. I am happy that my colleagues sometimes give me coins of their own creations, too,’ states the designer.

Each design is unique

The collaboration between Mr Hric and the Lithuanian Mint started in 2021. The first coin he designed was ‘Nicolas Flamel and the Philosopher’s Stone’. ‘I believe this design is really successful, and that is why we have not stopped creating unique and meaningful products for numismatists,’ he rejoices. When asked which coin design he likes the most, the artist says it is very difficult to pick one.

‘All of my designs for the Lithuanian Mint are special because almost every piece has something unique, such as a sophisticated minting technology, an unusual artistic solution or a particular design vibe. Well, if I had to choose just one, it would probably be the ‘Alchemists’ series and its two most iconic pieces – ‘Nicolas Flamel and the Philosopher’s Stone’ and ‘Dr John Dee – Ars Speculum’,’ says the author of the aforementioned works.

During the collaboration with the artist, a number of other spectacular silver collectible coins are planned. ‘I am looking forward to seeing them minted,’ Miroslav says happily. The designer is currently working on an addition to the ‘Mythical Creatures’ series.


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