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A romance inspired coin

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The Lithuanian Mint is proud to present its latest creation – an impressive, music-inspired collectible silver coin ‘Romance’ from the ‘Pets on Music Style’ series. This series is intended to remind you of music, the diversity of music styles, and think about what kind of music animals may like. We are here to give you a hint – all coins of the series contain numerous elements to help you find answers.

The diversity and the power of music

Music has the power to bring us joy. Simply put, there are so many musical genres and styles, so there is something for every person to enjoy! What is your favourite style of music? Do you prefer the mathematical symmetry of classical music, the dulcet tones of singer-songwriters, or the heart pounding rhythms of hip hop?

Music can encompass all emotions, feelings, and experiences. Many of us listen to music not only to have a good time but also when we are in difficulty or when we feel sad. Numerous studies have revealed the effect music has on both emotions and health. Did you know that similarly to the effects measured on people, various styles of music affect animals differently, too? Science is able to tell us which animals like music and which don’t. For instance, studies show that cats which listen to music tend to sleep more and feel more relaxed – just like people, right?


A romance-inspired coin

The ‘Romance’ coin was created to portray the pop music style as well as graceful cats. Can you recognise the world-renowned pop music singer that the cat represents? Here’s a hint: this singer is known for her elegance, fine fashion taste, and she wore a particular pink hat on stage. One might even say she is a true Lady!

The design of the coin was created by Christina Hess – she is a member of the United States Mint’s Artist Infusion Program where she creates numismatic designs for a number of inspirational programs. When asked about the concept of the design, Christina said, ‘This is meant to pay homage to the current artistic endeavours of this well-known artist as well as create a noticeable visual cue that many can immediately understand. I feel this singer is a versatile and celebrated artist who has the ability to reach many people.’

It’s worth to mention that in addition to freelance illustration, Christina Hess is also an Illustration Professor at Ringling College of Art & Design. Her love of all things detailed has won her multiple awards and admittance into annuals and competitions. ‘I love creating animals as notable personalities and was I honored to create a fun tribute on this coin. To have my artwork on a product that can be held in someone’s hand means a great deal to me’, said Christina. ‘This was the first design I created for the Lithuanian Mint. I hopefully will be doing more!’


Unique design and minting technology

The reverse of the ‘Romance’ coin portrays a graceful, elegant cat in pastel tones. The vivid purple background brings out the character even more – rays of limelight are clearly visible, hinting of pop culture. The lady-like cat wears a large rose pink hat – it is the main feature to help you guess the music style to which the coin is dedicated.

The obverse of the coin contains a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

We invite you to order the new coin of the Lithuanian Mint ‘Romance‘ HERE.

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